Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Olivia Hussey in nude scene from Romeo and Juliet which was released in 1968. She shows us her tits.

Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Actress: Olivia Hussey
Movies: Romeo and Juliet
Tags: topless, nude


80 thought on “Olivia Hussey nude - Romeo and Juliet (1968)

  • Anonymous:


  • Anonymous:

    When I watched this in class I had a very thick and hard boner

  • Anonymous:

    She was only like 15 then and got such angelic face and plumb tits

  • Hard Boi:

    teacher skipped this part for us :(

  • Anonymous:

    Wish I could have seen more

  • Emmanuel:

    When i was in class i started touching myself when this scene came on

  • Anonymous:

    We watched this in class it was funny seeing the teachers face when she saw that

  • Anonymous:


  • Anonymous:

    My cock was throbbing hard I never seen boobs before!!

  • S:

    Nice titts

  • Jourdan:

    This movie was rated PG? Geez if it was that brief it should of been at least PG-13

  • Knight Wind:

    Ah this brings back so many memories.

  • Willy:

    Nice scene xxx

  • Super Saiyan Goku:


  • Anonymous:

    My Dick was so hard when we watched at school

  • Anonymous:

    She's soo hot tho

  • Jon:

    Fbi open up she was 15 in this clip

  • Omega:


  • Fortnite:

    Wait in 1969 you can smash at 15 hmmm

  • Anonymous:

    Funny how she wasn’t even allowed to watch the movie because of the nudity because she wasn’t 18... but she’s the one who is nude

  • Olivia Hussey:

    Im trying my best as we shoot on the movie and please pay some respect.

  • Nibber:

    Noice Titties hoe

  • Anonymous:

    In france the legal age is 16

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    iwould leave my hoe for her

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    Really good made me happy and gave me a stiffy

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    i like boobies

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    Missed this scene in class becuase I went to the damn bathroom

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    It always annoyed me hat he was more nude than she was

  • prematureejack:

    Saw this in school in ireland. What a surprise and the teachers were shocked and ran out of the room to have a meeting.

  • Bruh:

    My fucking teacher skipped this shit in class smh, was the best part of the movie

  • Jean:

    I’m fucking pissed how I didn’t go to class and because of this I missed it

  • Anonymous:

    Luckily for me, I sat in the back of my class when we watched this. Really helped hide my boner.

  • Anonymous:

    I believe she was 18 by the time the movie was released.. it took about 3 years to make. Juliet, in the story was around 14 ish

  • 2019:


  • She’s 12 I’m 12:

    I’m still surprised how beautiful she is to this day. I was even more surprised to hear of this scene which really made it better.

  • jeff:

    she was 13 in this scene stupid

  • Lenny face:

    1st time I saw tits

  • Anonymous:

    She’s almost 70 now

  • Gabey:

    The actor was 16

  • Kid from Brandeis:


  • fag:

    actually it was determined that she was 18 when thid scene was filmed sorry to break it to ya.

  • Anonymous:

    Keep in mind this was approved by the school board

  • Rapist-69:


  • Anonymous:

    God damn that’s a nice pair

  • Hot cheecks:

    Thats so fuking hot

  • Anonymous:

    17 yo

  • Anonymous:

    Anyone from GVHS came here after class? Lol she skipped :(

  • Anonymous:

    For anyone saying she was 18 when the scene was shot, you are wrong. She even admitted to being 16 in the scene.

  • Leonard Whiting:

    This was definitely my favorite scene in any movie that I ever shot. She was definitely one of a kind.

  • chingchong:

    i watched this in class today and my teacher’s reaction was priceless nice set of melons tho lmao i got a boner after that oof

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    I literally got so hard watching this in class I jerked off and came on my friends leg she didn’t even notice

  • Mrs. Schnelker:

    I show this to my 9th grade class, seeing Juliet’s tits never gets old.

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    Saw this in English and bought it I jerk off to it constantly

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  • Me me big boy:

    My cock was so hard my friend noticed

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    She’s like 72 now

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    when hur boobs go up in de air i went "oh my GOOOOD" every one in class has looked and im cry. :-((((((

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    Had to focus hard as shit during class not to get a boner

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    My class skipped this

  • Anonymous:

    Paul McCartney of the Beatles almost made the role of Romeo, fun fact.

  • Anonymous:

    my class skipped this but i decided to look for this

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    she’s so bad

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    Bro my teacher showed us this in class and the girl next to me went absolutely apeshit during this scene

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    She got dem jug titties my nigger word

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    My teacher, Mrs. Phillips, showed this to our 6th grade class in 1983 so we would have been about 11 years old. My 11 year old self was really impressed with these titties and disliked seeing the guy’s ass. It’s amazing what was allowed back then compared to now.

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    My class skipped

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    This was so hot I’ve never seen boobs oh my god I’m sweating

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    She was beautiful and to begin seeing her topless made it priceless. I was 14 when I first saw this movie. The 2nd time I saw it, it was late night on a school night in my Jr year in high school and stayed up til 2am watching.

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    I’m hard

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    I remember in class my gf was sitting next to me when this scene and she started rubbing my boner and jacked me off in the back of class. Best day ever

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    I got so hard watching this i a started jerking off in class and the girl next to me saw it but legit started touching my penis. It was so good I nutted on her and she didn’t care

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    i was gay beofre this now im just straight up horny for her

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    Yo I looked up from the desk and saw that her boobs where out and I had the wait but I sit next to my crush and by dick was hard and she told me to meet her in the bathroom

  • Ato:

    Can only reiterate what's been said about her age. She can't have been 18 here. Filming is before release, and she was 17 at the time of the release.

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    Romeo has a thick ass tbh

  • nigwad:

    i ripped a part of my scrotum off watching this

  • Chad:

    We watched this movie in Freshman English. My teacher had an edited VCR recording of it that went from Romeo climbing up to her room and then skipped to him climbing out the window.

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    Bro I barley seen this 12/14/19 and my dick got hard

  • Romeo:

    Yeah I fucced that bih juliet

  • ThisIsArt:

    She was 16 when this was shot and 16 is not under age in Europe.

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